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The Drilling edition is the first series in the Tribute to the Oil and Gas Industry to be produced. It will be followed with other editions dedicated to Production, Exploration, Refining and Support. Follow-on editions will be offered first to the buyers of preceding editions in the series. By purchasing the drilling edition you are guaranteed the same number on following guns if you want to purchase them.


Only 500 Tribute to the Oil and Gas Industry - Refining Guns will be produced. They are offered on a first come - first serve basis. This is a unique opportunity to own what will surely become a cherished piece of your family history that you (and your children or grand children) can display with pride. These are memorable gifts that demonstrate to someone that they are a remarkable and important part of your life or business.

The oil industry would come to a halt if it wasn’t for the myriad of products produced by the refining sector of the industry. Refineries produce not only gasoline, diesel and lubricants but petrochemicals used in every facet of our everyday lifestyles, fertilizers to insure we are the top crop producer in the world and countless other products without which we would still be living in the dark ages. It is to this group of people we dedicate the fifth gun of a six part series entitled “Tribute to the Oil and Gas Industry”.

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Tribute to the Oil & Gas Industry - Drilling Edition - Rifle

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